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Since 2013 I have curated two pages „Systems Thinking“ and „Theory of Constraints (Engpasstheorie)” on In 2018, has changed its policy, so that people who want to share news about a certain topic have to pay for the service. Those who want to continue for free have only 52 posts in total available now. So, I decided not to continue with my service.

The reasons are as follows:

The curating of my Scoop pages was my hobby, but I am not interested to pay for it. To continue with only 52 posts for free doesn’t make sense to me, because I have always seen my pages as a bookmark collection for others and me. Due to my decision, it seems that all the collected links to useful materials on will remain. So, I will leave it as it is. 

On the other hand to do such a work over a period of more than five years is enough. There are other excellent pages like those from Philip Marris ( and others, so that my readers have to find other sour…

Digitalization as Change Project, but what to change?

Every day we get new information about buzzwords like Digitalization, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robots and so forth. What we can expect are changing environments in all areas of life. Today it is not possible to clear define the impact of the new technologies to all individuals, enterprises, social groups up to nations. We can be sure there will be tremendous changes and as intelligent creatures we should adapt ourselves as early as possible.

The question is of course how to do it? Recently I have found an interesting article about the “10 Principles for Winning the Game of Digital Disruption [1]”. The described path seems to me a good starting point to change existing mental models.

In the article, you can find more information about each step. Are these steps sufficient to go for a change? I do not think so.
I suggest to combine these ten principles with the Thinking Processes developed by Eli Goldratt. Why?

The logical thinking processes p…

The Logical Thinking Process - An Executive Summary

A book review.

This year, William Dettmer has published his ninth book. As he himself says in a video (below), he could not find a different way to briefly present his version of Logical Thinking Process based on the  TOC - Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes. 


The book, available as a Kindle e-book and paperback, succinctly describes the LTP (Logical Thinking Process). The individual elements, or rather logical trees, are presented, their context explained and a few practical examples discussed. It contains no clues as how to do what. It does not need that either, because this book is about first imagining the process itself. This opens up the opportunity for the interested reader to examine whether the described methodology suits the reader and whether he wants to learn more or not.

In the introduction chapter to his new book, William Dettmer writes: "There is a serious lack of Critical Thinking in the world today. People everywhere are bombarded with infor…

The big slogan and the potential real value of Industry 4.0

By Eli Schragenheim and Jürgen Kanz
We are told that in order to keep with the quick changes in the world, facing the fiercer competition, manufacturing organizations have to join the fourth industrial revolution called Industry 4.0, which is a very big suite of different new technologies in the field of IT, namely the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and robotics.
The slogan of Industry 4.0 claims it is highly desirable to join the revolution before the competitors do it.  Well, we are not sure whether the term ‘revolution’ truly fits the new digital technologies.  But, this is truly the smallest issue.  The fast pace of the technology should definitely force every top management team of every organization to think clearly what could be the impact of the newest technological development on the organization and its business environment.  The need to clearly think comes not only to find new ways to achieve more of the goal, but also to understand the potential new threat…